Sunday, February 14, 2016


The big question we've all been asking ourselves today is - how did we ever survive last winter?

It was a brutal weekend with record breaking lows last night.  It was about -28 below last night and we had high winds all day for the past two days, putting the wind-chill values somewhere south of the bottom of Hell.  Up here on HellWind Hill, we had a steady 30-40 mph breeze.

I knew this would happen since I mentioned the lovely, mild winter we had been having.  You should never write things like that out loud, the cosmos just won't stand for it.  I'm convinced that there is a nasty little deity who sits up near the third star to left of the Big Dipper, watching all of of us.  He is a scrawny, grimy little guy with a smarmy smirk who lounges around in an old, orange plaid LazyBoy with a can a Mt. Dew in one hand and a big fly swatter in the other.  Every time one of us fools sticks our heads up too high - WHAP!

Last weekend we actually did this...

We had a nice ride and it was good to get out on a horse again.  Hawkeye was a real pistol though and RB actually had to get off and walk the last bit home.  Isn't that always the way?  You finally get the horse feeling really good and then he gets too crazy to ride (WHAP!).  I told RB I could pull his shoes off and that would slow him right down.

Just kidding (mostly), once we can be out riding regularly again, he will settle down to a manageable, if speedy, level.

This weekend - we endured.  And swore a lot.

I went out last night to check on everybody and I asked Emma if she wanted her blanket on.  She wanted no part of it last winter despite how awful it was, but when I held it up last night she came over and stuck her head right through. Never let it be said that donkeys can't tell you exactly what they want.

They don't hang out with giant fly swatters waiting for the opportunity to whap you when you get out of line either.


  1. she looks adorable in the blanket. I agree with you but I'm being a bit more optimistic because every winter we get a period of brutal cold weather. This is only lasting 5 days so I can live with that.
    I also am happy about the lack of snow. The warm up is coming next week.

  2. I laughed aloud at your description of that horribly little diety. "Whap" the minor god - maybe his power will dwindle and the universe will be rid of him, but I doubt it! Along with the things you mentioned, he likes to rain on wedding days and parades, and he makes sure that if you need to run errands, your gas tank is empty.

    Emma looks toasty in her coat! Hope the bad spell of cold lets up soon.

  3. Sorry for the deep freeze. If the weather on all the earth averaged out, and was the same, I do wonder what it would be.

  4. I'm going to live dangerously and say thank you to the big fly swatter in the sky. We only got as low as -10 or so this past weekend. No winds. It was manageable. However, I feel your pain...

  5. South of the bottom of hell. That about sums it up. It was colder at your place then it was here...our lowest was -30 with the wind. Now we are in for 9-16 inches of wet snow by morning. It's a good thing Gary got our snowblower going today. At least we had a winter break of 8 weeks...unheard of.

  6. We had a nice beautiful fluff snow last night and an awesome hoar fog this morning. I am enjoying every moment of winter and yes, it isn't as brutal even though we have some nice snow.

  7. Yeah for Emma she is the smart one! She looks mighty warm...and dry:)

  8. Even Hickory asked for a blanket this last spell!