Saturday, June 19, 2021

A different kind of new addition


This happened....

I started a new job last week as a Grievance Specialist for a company focused on providing value-based medical care.  It is a bit of puzzle-solving combined with investigation, troubleshooting and problem solving.  

The pace of the first week was a bit over the top, but I am hopeful that it will smooth out and I think it is going to be interesting once I figure out where all the pieces go.  Given that I can't keep my brain from trying to solve problems whether I want it to or not, it might as well be useful.  

Best part.....It is a permanent work-from-home job which makes me and my assistants very happy.  

After 18 months of not commuting and being home all the time, I am about ready to roll up my driveway and put it away for good.  If they did grocery delivery out here in the boondocks, I might never leave home again. 

Since I have been preoccupied with all things job related and have been (once again) neglecting the blog, I figure you are due for a good puppy fix.  I'll get some donkey/mule pics up as well.  Just know that we are all doing well in our little hermitage and I am busy trying to figure out the insane intricacies of the medicare system and how to fix the tiny part I am involved with.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Multiple Personalities

Cora: OMG!!!!  MONSTER!!!  MOM!  There's a MONSTER! MOM!!! What is THAT?  Do I chase it?  Bite it?  Run AWAY?!  MOM, come NOW mom!!!  OMG!

Connor: Turtle?  What turtle?  I don't see a turtle.  I refuse to see a turtle.  Turtles do not exist in this reality.  I refuse to believe in the existence of turtles.  Frisbees exist.  Frisbees matter.  Would you throw the FRISBEE already? 

Orrie: Look guys, I brought the paper!

Snapping Turtle: 
*sigh* Dogs.  Would you just make them ALL go away?