Thursday, February 25, 2016

Keep your eye on the prize

"Hey dog, what's up?"

"You want to go out and chase some leaves or mice or something?" 

"C'mon this way and I'll show you some good hunting ground."

"Just leave the frisbee here OK, we really won't need it."

"Seriously, would you drop the frisbee already?"

"That's better.  Good dog."

"Hey, you think you could look at me?  Stop staring at the human, there's more to life than frisbee you know?  Hello, I'm down here."

"You know dog, I get the sense that you aren't paying any attention to me at all.  You are listening to me right? Rght? Hellllloooo, here I am!"

sigh.  "I give up.  I wonder what the donkeys are doing."

"You know Connor, you're a good boy around the cat."

"Cat? What cat? I never noticed a cat.  I am ready for you to finally throw the frisbee again though.  Hadn't you noticed?"


  1. Cats will be cats, much to the chagrin of dogs. But Conner was being a really good boy. I once had two Rottweilers, and a tom cat who would not be denied. He joined in all activities. One time I opened the front door to let the dogs out and the cat was sitting there. As the female Rottie walked by, she stepped over to one side with her hind foot and stepped on the cat, who promptly howled. Then she just kept on walking, like nothing had happened.

  2. What a cute "comic strip" - and so true. Their whole selves are concentrating on that Frisbee or that ball - my cats try to get the attention of our dog in vain. She just has laser-eyes on the ball.

  3. it does my heart good to see Connor thriving. :-)

  4. Sucha Border Collie always focused on the throwing moving things:)