Thursday, February 4, 2016

Free Loader

For the past few weeks, I have been noticing a rather unpleasant smell around the wood/hay shed.  The cat food has been disappearing at an alarming rate as well.  I knew I had some kind of visitor of the predator variety, but wasn't sure what is was.  A few days ago, I got my answer.

I was bringing firewood in and just happened to look out across the pasture.  Bold and calm as you please, comes this fellow marching across the field.

I was trying to get some decent pictures of him when I realized that he had not seen me at all and was just about to head right up my leg.  I had to stamp my foot at him and he veered off under the wall and behind the firewood instead.  A few minutes later, he sneaked out under the back wall and around the barn, probably very disappointed that I had kept him from his free meal.

I told Kipper that she had better eat all she wants while I am around, because I have locked the food up.  Mink are rather cute and I might even prefer them to the rabbit invasion I had last year, but if mink are happy to come visit, the Fisher I have seen nearby might visit as well.  A mink is one thing, but Fishers like to eat cats and are big enough cause trouble.

No more free-choice food for fat cats as I doubt the fat cat would like to become free-choice food.


  1. Kipper needs a bodyguard like Bess.

  2. Hope removing the buffet solves the problem. We see the occasional mink slinking around down here. My favorite are the otter.

  3. Nice shot of the mink! We had two coyotes run within 10 ft of our house yesterday. They were beautiful, even though I dislike having them close to anything!
    No free meals for the mink!
    I don't believe we have Fisher around here!

  4. I had not heard of a Fisher, so I looked it up. Member of the weasel family. Probably a nasty little critter.

  5. Okay, never had to deal with a mink OR a fisher!