Saturday, August 31, 2019

Hard Worker

Kaia is VERY helpful puppy!

You might have seen this coming....

So........this happened might have guessed.

Connor doesn't like being an only-dog and his birthday is next week, so I bought us a puppy­čśü.

A ten-week-old female Windsprite puppy to be exact. 

I've had my eye on this breed for a number of years now and nearly got one after Tanner died five years ago, but there weren't any puppies available locally and I got cold feet and than Connor came along.....
This girl already has the Border Collies Baffled, I think it might take the whole Border Brigade to keep this pup in line.

These dogs are still rather rare, but it just so happens that a truly fantastic breeder lives only twenty minutes down the road from me.  She does not often have puppies so I decided I better seize the opportunity while I could.

She and Qilin will make quite a pair right?  I take it as a sign of Karmic approval.

So, please welcome Wylde's Magical Chimera..."Kaia"

It's been a big day for all of us, but especially for Kaia.  Good thing she approves of my couch.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Dog Days

Its National Dog Day and we can't let that day pass us by - as if we ever do since every day is Dog Day around here:)