Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Random Review

"Baby" Ian who is now a teenager.

NOT a funky camera angle. 

Tess, fat and happy.

Gave 'em the boot.

Some things never change. 

We saw the sun.  Briefly. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Trial and Error

Thank you all for your very generous and positive response to my Stoned Critters.  It is very much appreciated.  I have plans for others as well and will share them when (if) they happen:)

I have been playing around with the epoxies, mostly to get a feel for them and figure out how they work in different situations.  I always learn best by doing rather than watching so I tend to go straight to the trial and error stage after doing a bit of homework.  These are some of those trials....

Rocks in green mica.

Princess Pine

My bees swarmed this summer, but failed to find a home so they built a hive on the side of one of my small trees.  I tried to rehome them into a hive box, but they adamantly refused.  When the weather got cold, they did not last long out in the open, but they did leave some lovely comb behind.  This is a bit of brood comb encased in clear resin.

Tree twigs and green clay.

Winter beech twigs in the center, these would be leaves in the Spring.

Goldenrod fluff

Coal and coal-ash = light and dark ponies...These and the Stoned Donkeys are 2.25x4 inches

More honeycomb

Honeycomb from the bottom of the cells.

Fungus among us.

Bits of flower fluff in bracelets. 

If anyone would like any of these, let me know. I can get some some fittings for them so they can be worn as pendants.  The bracelets are rather small (and my hands are rather large), they would fit a child or small wrist. 

If you would like one of the Stoned Donkeys or ponies let me know about that as well.  I have thought of selling them on Etsy, but I have no idea what to charge.  Any thoughts about that???  What, if anything, would you pay for something like that?  I like making stuff, I do NOT like shopping:)

Monday, January 21, 2019

Stoned Donkeys

No, I'm not letting the herd play with mind altering substances.  They get in enough trouble as is.

I'm talking about this kind of Stoned Donkey....

The nights are looonng, dark and cold this time of year, especially for someone who works late into the night and sleeps late into the morning.  I could do mature, adult things like mop the floor or read boring CEU articles for my job, but there is only so much adulting one person can do in a given lifetime. 

I know you are probably thinking that I should get my act together and write some more blog post. You are right.  Totally right.  But when the words aren't there, they just aren't there.  I do seem to need some kind of creative outlet though and the lost blog words had to show up somewhere.  Lately, they have turned into rocks and glue.

All the farrier work I've done in the past few years with glue-on shoes, casts, epoxy, etc. got me interested in some other things that can be done with those materials.  So, I have been making Stoned Donkeys cast in epoxy resin...

They are hard to get good pictures of as the resin is like trying to photograph glass.

There are also some Stoned Ponies...mixed with tree tips, thorns, bark, etc...

 And maybe some other stuff.....eventually.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Winter Wear

Preparing for the big storm by storing up the rare bit of sun and ready to show off the latest trend in cold weather wear.

Sweet, svlet, super-model Emma shows off the current winter fashions.

The epitome of grace and elegance...

She's been practicing that bored, glassy-eyed runway look.
It's not easy looking like you're too sexy to notice an apocalypse.

But some of us are just naturals. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

A Roll in The Hay

Every morning after breakfast, Albert has taken to having a roll in the hay.  Nothing very unusual about that, except he always adds great sound effects.  Turn up your volume for this one (unless you are at work and you don't want your coworkers giving you very strange looks:)

The Devil in the Detail

Little Albert Einstein is usually OK about wearing a halter except on the days when he isn't.  On those days, you'd think I was an axe murderer out to get him and he won't have anything to do with an evil halter.  Fortunately for me, he has a couple of good role models who he never allows out of his sight.  Ramsey is always up for a modeling gig and was quite happy to demonstrate the proper use of a halter.... 

Emma also offered to show him how it is done.  Although....I did have to pull it out of her mouth before she chewed through it.  Just a pointless little detail.

It didn't take long for the clever chap to have it all figured out....

The Devil is in the details though...

Friday, January 4, 2019

Need a Hand With That?

"Here Em, hold this for a minute will you?"

"You know Ma, these don't seem like very good hoof protectors.  They're kind of squishy and misshapen."

"I know Em, but at least these don't have any duct tape holding them together yet."

"Could I have it back now?"

"Uh, nooooo.  What do you think I am?  A coat hanger?  I want to know what I get out of it before I hand it over."  

"Well, let's see...you get your house cleaned twice a day, room service, custom meal prep, massage, pedicures, ear rubs....."

"Oh phooey Ma, those are all good, healthy activities we provide for you.  What else would you do with your life if not for us??"

"Nope, I'm holding out for a good tip.  You better go fetch some treats Ma.  I can see you need more exercise and moving around will help your hands warm up."