Saturday, February 6, 2016


We've been having a blessedly mild winter this year, which I am extremely grateful for.  I am sure we are still going to see some terrible weather, but it is February and, so far, all the big storms have missed us.

It warmed up so much last week that it actually hit 50 degrees and we had rain, which melted all the snow.   Instead of being trapped in the barn by many feet of snow, Tessa and the donkeys have the whole farm to roam.

It's a stark and wonderful contrast to this time last year.
I know there are many who are cursing El Nino and having a terrible time this year and I am sorry for it.  However, I couldn't do anything about the gruesome winter we had last year and I can't do anything about the mild one we are enjoying this year.  I can only be glad of it and appreciate it while it lasts.  I devoutly hope that the good weather continues.  I hope I haven't jinxed us all by by writing about it out loud.

We will still get some terrible weather.  It is early yet and snow and cold forecast every day this coming week.  Usually though, by the time it gets to be February, we have already had a long, grinding winter and we are still looking at the worst to come.  I haven't gotten over the misery of last winter and I am grateful for every day of no snow and thankful every time the sun comes out.

Feb. 5, 2015

Feb. 5, 2016

 What a difference a year makes.


  1. Don't worry, no snow forecasted, just snow SHOWERS. That is much less threatening. Really. AND no talk of zero or below. Just fun times for all dogs, cows, sheep, horses, and donkeys.

  2. I'm with you! I'm enjoying this milder winter as well. And since we can't change the outcome I won't feel guilty about it.

  3. Our winter is milder also, although right now we have as much snow as last year, but it is warmer! Enough to ride and not freeze to death! Too warm for snowshoeing comfortably though as the snow clogs up in clumps.
    Looks like a nicer winter, we are enjoying that also.

  4. Great comparison photos. A well deserved respite after the heavy snows of last winter. About this time of year I start "dreading" the approach of summer here in the desert. Some of us are never satisfied!!

  5. Fingers crossed (and hooves crossed!) for continued mild weather.

  6. People forget what it takes to make and between your two extremes of winter we should get an average winter? Nature balances everything although it is such a big picture a lot of people don't see it. Connor looks like he enjoyed the snow!