Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fierce Competition

It's a ferocious match today between the the White Giant and Black Lightening.  The White Giant is certainly throwing her considerable weight around, but Black Lightening has a few surprises in store.

They're both showing us some real ferocity in today's match.

It looks like Black Lightening has the advantage for the moment, but can he hold her?

The White Giant makes a bid for freedom, but in a bold and unexpected move, Black Lightening whips out one of the surprises he's been hiding under his tail.

And it's one and two and three.....and it looks like Black Lightening takes this round by the skin of his teeth.

Black Lightening wins this bout, but can he hold the title?
The White Giant looks calm and sweet, but don't be fooled, there's a lion inside.


  1. I love it when dogs play like that.

  2. You are lucky that "Black Lightning" has the "White Giant" to help take the edge off his energy. Sort of.

  3. We are ALL luck to have the White Giant around, as she is sweet and takes care of all of us. She can also have Black Lightening for breakfast whenever she feels like it!