Monday, September 28, 2015

A Good Swift Kick

I'm sort of back, although it is likely to be erratic for a while yet.  I gave the computer a few good swift kicks, kind of like hitting it with a defibrillator, and finally got it to boot up again.  I seem to be able to keep it just barley functioning as long as I never turn it off and I avoid anything that requires too much thinking on it's part. 

I've decided I am going to just knuckle under and buy a new computer since I have been having trouble for ages now and I think this one is 6-7 years old already and likely approaching it's use-by date.  I was hoping that I could make it limp along until December when there are usually some good Christmas deals to be found, but I don't think it will make it.  I was feeling very annoyed at the planned failure built into these things, but I guess that is built into to everything isn't it?  There sure are days when I can feel my own use-by date approaching.  Hopefully, still a long way off.

At any rate, I'm trying to figure out what to get that will do what I need for the least amount of money.  Has anybody used Windows 10 yet?  My brief encounter with Windows 8 a couple of years when FB got a new computer had me swearing I'd switch to Apple before I dealt with that garbage again.  Then I looked at the price difference.  Gulp.  Is Windows 10 better? 

I'm off to try to write a couple of posts and look at all the latest computer marvels (is that an oxymoron?) before the next crash.  There is lots going on and we can't all lie around all day after all.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

An Unexpected Hiatus

My computer had a massive stroke this morning and, after fighting my way past the blue screen of death at least a dozen times, I finally have it turned on and backing up all my files (I devoutly hope and pray anyway).

Since my feeble attempts at computer repair generally consist of hitting the power button over and over and swearing a lot, blog posting is likely to be rather sporadic for a while until I can figure something out.  

I've tried writing on my iPad, which sort of works in a pinch, but is usually an exercise in frustration.  Thank you all for so politely ignoring the resulting typos that litter anything I try to scribble out on this little screen.  

Since the weather is nice and I won't have time to take the computer to a shop for a while, why don't you do what I intend to do with the time I would have spent on the computer.....take the donkeys for a walk.  I'll be back when I can get all the misbehaving electrons back in line.  Hmmmm, maybe I should put the Border Collie on that, he's good at rounding things up....

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Nice Day for a Ride

Staff Meeting

"OK cats, we've got several issues on the agenda today that we need to cover."

"Oliver, I'm sorry to have to come down hard on you like this, but you really must work on your attendance issues.  
"What?  Me?  I don't have any attendance issues.  I attend every time I feel like it."

"Oliver, I think we are having a bit of a communication breakdown.  Why don't you take some time to rethink your position."

"Kipper, we need to address your lack of teamwork and attitude.  We all need to pull together to get the job done.  All for one and one for all, right Kipper?!"  

"Kipper?  Where ya going Kipper?  We're still having a meeting here Kipper.  Kipper?"

"Give it up dog.  I can't talk sense into her either."

"Herding cats sure is hard work."

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Fickle Friend

Oliver is proving to be a very fickle friend.  After his trip to the vet, he was around every day for about 10 days and then disappeared once again.  He had clearly caught a bug at the vet's and had developed an upper respiratory infection.  I was just thinking about how to get him some medicine when he disappeared.

After a week with no sign of him, I was convinced that I had managed to kill him off after all.  I didn't want this cat, but I accepted responsibility for him and I didn't want to inadvertently kill him.  Thinking that my good intentions had been the end of him had me feeling very depressed and futile.

I figured he'd gone off and died of pneumonia or been eaten by the coyotes or the Fisher Cat that I found in the woods last week (they like cats for dinner).  I had just about given up on him when I was out late at night stacking wood and heard a noise in the barn.  Sure enough, it was Oliver looking perfectly healthy and wondering why the food dish was only half full.

I gave him a lecture about crying wolf and he stuck around for a few days before taking off again.  He finally reappeared last weekend looking sick and miserable and with one eye badly damaged.  I couldn't tell if his eye was swollen because of illness or injury, but I treated it and tried to make a vet appointment for him.  Before I could get hold of the cat carrier and him stuffed into it, he disappeared again.

This is getting very tiresome.

Heading out to the barn this afternoon, more than a week later, I look up and see him lying nonchalantly on his favorite rock.

His eye is all healed and I can now see that the damage was caused by a fight not illness.  It is obvious that he has been getting into a lot of fights.

Despite having "brain surgery" over a month ago, it is clear that Oliver is still suffering from acute testosterone poisoning.  He is proving to be the living embodiment of the term "catting around".

I told him that he is welcome to stay, but he has cried wolf one too many times.  I was feeling very guilty thinking that my good intentions had gone awry, but now I know better.

The next time he disappears, I won't give it a thought.  

I know better than to throw my heart after a man who only comes around when he wants a soft bed, a full meal and somebody to lick his wounds.

No matter how charming, don't fall in love with a man who only comes around when he wants something and always has one eye on the door.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stick Up at Ear Point

"Alright kid, I'll keep a lookout, you show her the note."

"Note?  I don't have a note.  I thought you were supposed to have the note."

"No way, pipsqueak, this was your idea.  I'll help block the door, but you you make the demands."

"Hear that Ma?  We've got the door covered, you're not getting out of here without handing over those feed dishes."

"Just slide them out here and nobody has to get hurt."

"C'mon Ma, get a move on, we're waaaaiiiiiittting!"

Mighty Fine Shine

It occurred to me that I haven't had a Ramsey update in a while.  In short, he is doing well.  He had an abscess in his good front hoof a few weeks ago after the ground got hard for the first time since last year, but I got it drained and kept it wrapped for a couple of weeks and it healed quick.  Actually, I wrapped both feet just because I believe in maintaining a healthy dose of paranoia, especially where Ramsey is concerned.

For the rest, just check out that shine.....

I think he is at an ideal weight, his coat is soft and silky and just starting to thicken up.

If you look close, you can even see some chocolate dapples.  Ramsey is looking mighty fine.

And he is still the demanding, spoiled, loveable brat that he has always been.

"A little help here would be nice Ma.  I'd be even finer if I could just reach these leaves...."

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

For Every Season There is a Job

I left this job a bit lat in the year.....

But at least it's done.  Do you suppose I'll find some enthusiasm for firewood before the snow flies?

Yeah, me neither.  By that time I'll be thinking fondly of my little unplanned weeding project brought on be heat prostration.

The heat wave lasted long enough that I feel like I made a significant dent in the water weed problem.  I had three heaping sled loads of weeds.

I don't think I'll ever qualify as the Lady in the Lake, but I may have made it past Swamp Thing.

The weather has changed once again so now it is on to the next task.  This one could take a while.

Since I don't have a spreader, I decided that all the little trees could use some fertilizer.  From Paul Bunyan to Swamp Thing to Mt. Poomore, there's a job for any day.