Monday, February 15, 2016

The Neanderthal Look

Sara asked me if Ramsey really does have more fuzz on his face than Emma or if it just looks that way.

Emma has a heavier coat overall, but Ramsey does have the denser uni-brow.  Emma's swirl also goes up higher and gives her brows a nice arch as opposed to the neanderthal look Ramsey prefers.

He keeps a nice soft trim on the more kissable bits though.

And that uni-brow does do a nice job of keeping the snow/ice/rain/sun out of his eyes.  Ramsey could be an excellent boy scout - always prepared.


  1. There's an old, old song and part of it goes "Funny face, I love you, Funny face, I need you..." - we always sing it "Fuzzy face, I love you" to our little dog - might could sing it to Emma and Ramsey, too!

  2. Wow.....he has the serious mad Professor brow! I love his nose!

  3. It takes a Ramsey Cuteness to be stylin' the Neanderthal look in such a captivating fashion! And did you see the ear tips? In the first photo, Emma?! This extra layer of enchanting fuzz, highlighted by the sun, positively squee-worthy...

  4. so I realize that I'm repeating myself but he is totally adorable. Love the mad scientist look