Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Stills - Pets (and contest winners)

This week's challenge (for the the fourth anniversary of Sunday Stills) is 'pets'.   I know, every week is pet week around here right?  Regardless, this is what I came up with Saturday afternoon...

And for those who have been anxiously waiting to hear who the winners of my fudge giveaway are, Emma and Ramsey have made their choices.  We started with this...
I gave each little section a number, starting with 1 in the upper left and going clockwise to 14 in the lower left.  Then I convinced the chooser to come check it out.  Emma was distracted by her own breakfast and I had to convince my helper that he had an important job to do, he rose to the challenge admirably...

Looks like he has gone for the high end numbers.  I had a list of  60 names and they showed up in my PayPal account on three separate pages so I took number 14 from the first page, 13 from the second and 12 from the third.  What I came up with are:

  • Mary Ann Y.
  • Pamela R.
  • Vicki W.  
Keep an eye on your mailbox folks.

But wait, we're not done yet, we need two more names from my list of comments.  Here's where the excitement really starts (in fact, the excitement must have been too much for the videographer, because she goofed up and took photos instead of video.  Oops).

This first result is quite clear, the nose is squarely on number three, which just happens to be  Michaele from sprout 'n'wings farm.

The second choice...hmm, it could be a toss up.  Looks like number five, but that upper lip looks to have crept over into 6...
Hold it, hold it!  Number five is Mary Ann again!!  That's it Mary Ann, I think you have got to send me a lottery ticket!  I guess I will have to send you an extra chunk of fudge:). 

With these somewhat questionable results however, we had better have a closer look at number 6...

Oh no!  Number 6 claims not to LIKE fudge!  (Hmmm, I suspect my friend Dougie Donk may be making a noble sacrifice, but who am I to argue?)  What to do, what to do?

Well, it seems fairly clear that Emma has caught onto this scheme and is headed towards number 7.  Lets go check....YES, 7 likes fudge!  Seven it will be, and who is lucky number 7....why it's sheepmom from Knee Deep in Sheep.

Whew, that was a bit tricky there at the end, but I think we pulled it off (I hope).  And Michaele, please get in touch with me so I can send you your prize.  I think I have all the other addresses and I will try to send everything out tomorrow (just as long as I make it to the post office in time).


  1. Cute shots and interesting way of picking a contest winner..:-)

  2. Wayhay! Good call Ramsey! My woman is very aware of postal charges, so doesn't feel any "noble sacrifice" was made. I got extra Polo mints in my supper (yum!), so tend to agree with your choice of number 6 instead :) Hope you are still well on the way to recovery?

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thank you little Mr. Fuzzy Face!!! I'm stunned! AND thankful!

  4. Great way to run a contest! Ramsey is looking good! :)


  5. Nice post, i can see lot many links between the pet life

  6. Aww a great way to pick winners! I might have to give that a try next time I run a competition.

  7. You are very creative! Of course I love your pets!!!!!

  8. Yay! So happy! What a fun way to pick winners! I'll enjoy and savor every molecule! Thanks, Emma!

  9. Great idea for your raffle! And of course lovely pet photos - but tell me, where have Ramsey's booties gone (or did I miss a blog post somewhere along the way?)

    1. It was too wet for his sneakers. Their only flaw is that they are not water proof.

  10. How funny!!! I love your method of selecting the winners.. :) Congratulations to the soon to be fudge eaters!

  11. Great way to make your choices!
    I love the stick across the paws photo.