Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sneaking Out

"Uhm, Emma, where ya going?"

"Oh, I'm  just gonna go for a little walk".

"Every mom needs a bit of a break now and then, right?"

"I figured I'd just sneak out while the kid wasn't lookin' and get a little snack...

check things out...I gotta keep an eye on things ya know.  Lord knows you're slipping a little lately..

Look how far I got before you noticed after all.  So, I'll just be back in a bit.  Bye now."


  1. Oh that Emma! She is a clever lass, you didn't hear a sound did you? :) ....DRR

  2. When Emma bends down to nibble grass, she reminds me of Eyore. Looks like you've had a snow reprieve.

  3. Great post as always Kris.

    found a couple of links you might find intersting. Might be a business opportunity there.



  4. Emma is looking GOOD!
    Thanks for the sweet card. The picture will go in my donkey photo book,

  5. Your stone wall makes the place look a bit Irish, especially with a donkey in the picture. Emma is so sweet... I'm tempted to get a donkey if we end up having our own place here! To be a pack-donkey on trail rides, you understand, not because they're cute or anything!