Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Random Sunny Day

We had a rare warm and sunny day yesterday so I set up a little "pasture" for Ramsey and Emma - gotta love portable electric fence.  Ramsey is using his injured foot almost normally and the tendon looks great, no more contracture.  Sorry Em, I really didn't meant to decapitate you...

Nice to be out of the barn and "out" with the rest of the herd.  He sure was full of himself this morning!...

Gabe's latest pedicure....  I know, I know, more feet, I can't help it.  I'm borderline obsessed with feet lately.  I think these are becoming quite a pretty pair though...

Goodbye sweet sun, I sure did miss you today with the blowing snow and dreary clouds.....


  1. And then today the reality returns...drat! drr

  2. Ramsey, (Emma) and Gabe look happy in the pasture. You did an outstanding job on Gabe's feet and that last shot is gorgeous.

  3. Ramsey's growing! Will you need to geld him soon? I'm still curious about his dark muzzle. This is kind of rare, no?

    1. The dark muzzle is a bit unusual. It just makes Ramsey that little bit extra special:) He does need to be gelded, I am hoping that it can be done at Cornell when he goes in for his next checkup in a few weeks.

    2. and I'm with Lori Skoog. The sunset photo is spectacular.

  4. OMG, Gabe's feet are gorgeous!! You've got skills Girl! :-) The group pic of all three of the "kids" looks so idyllic -- happy campers all three! lol