Sunday, December 2, 2012


Many of you noticed that the laces on Ramsey's new shoes might prove irresistible to a just-turned-five-month-old donkey baby and you would be correct.  I never really expected him to resist such a temptation seeing as how shoe laces are just about his absolute most favorite toy.  He routinely tries to untie my shoe laces and, occasionally, manages to create whole new knots.  So, whenever he is actually going to be wearing his shoes, I accessorize them with my favorite bling.  He coordinates nicely with my rain coat this way as well....
In fact, while I tried both shoes on him, they really only fit his bandaged foot.  His real hoof is too small for the shoe, that's why it looks rather cockeyed in the photo.  In order for him to really wear both shoes, I would have to wrap both feet.  He'll  have to grow into them.  The shoes would fit Emma and they are perfect over his bandage.  Unfortunately, they only come in one size.  Apparently, teddy bears all have the same size feet.

Now if I could just find some of those "water resistant, studded BAB snow boots" as E-M suggested we'd be all set:)

And speaking of shoes, check these nifty "shoes" out...
I'll tell you more about them tomorrow.


  1. Apparently anything with the notation: "not for children under age three" is appropriate for Ramsey as well. :) diana rr

  2. Now there's a bling after my own heart!

  3. Ramsey's little brown legs sure are looking good! Interested to hear about the sky blue feet!

  4. OK, I am giggling uncontrolably now with regards to Ramsey and his shoes!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing your stories!

  5. This is just too cute and too funny! Now, how about colored duct tape? I guess little bells on the laces would be a really bad idea.