Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Donkey Daze of Summer

We seem to be getting all of the hot, dry days of summer all at once.  We had a whole season's worth of rain in May and June, now we are getting the whole year's worth or horribly, hot and humid.  The flies are unbelievably awful and everyone is greatly appreciating their fly-masks now. 

It is too hot to even play tug-o-war with them.

It's too hot for much of anything besides hanging out in the shade.

We'd all like to be out doing stuff, but standing around in a daze, hiding from the flies is about all we are managing.


  1. Thank goodness Oliver is back!! Yes blog readers, he was MIA, but the cat came back!

  2. I feel for you and the herd! I don't do hot and humid well at all... We've had the hottest summer ever, and when it didn't even really cool off over night, I started getting pretty cranky. No flies, though - too dry, and... hornets have built a nest here (effectively evacuating the nest that the wasps were building on my verandah). But it has cooled down now to civilized temperatures... and I wish the same for you all!

  3. Just noticed Farm Buddy's comment. What's the matter, Oliver, you still got too much left-over testosterone? Or did Kipper hint that she enjoyed life before you more?? Whatever, you're not supposed to go on walkabout and get everybody all worried about you! (Glad you're back, though. Now stay put, please!)