Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mind Over Matter

"So, Emma, do you really think that staring at that gate latch is really going to make it open?"

"Of course it will, it's just a matter of willpower is all.  I just know that if I stand here and stare at this gate long enough, eventually you'll get the hint and take us for a walk.  Its mind-over-matter Ma, you'll see."

"Oh? And just how do you know it will work?  Is this some new magic trick you've developed?"

"Don't be silly Ma, there's nothing magic about it.  It's just a very simple training exercise.  All I have to do is stand here, gazing longingly at the gate latch, paw the ground once in a while and occasionally bray piteously.  Eventually, you won't be able to hold out a moment longer and you'll give in, the gate will open and we'll go for a walk.  You humans are really quite easy to train.  I just have to be clear, consistent and patient."

"See what I mean? Basic obedience training, it works every time."


  1. Got two dogs that train me that way!

  2. it's all about the basics. Once you have those established you can train your human to do much fancier tricks...

  3. It is easy to see who is trained well:) Fun post!

  4. I think it's so wonderful that you walk them!

  5. How could you say no to such an adorable pitch? Impossible!!! :-)

  6. Hah hah, I love it. I know my mules can easily train me and I know that Morris has got me trained to perfection!