Monday, September 21, 2015

Staff Meeting

"OK cats, we've got several issues on the agenda today that we need to cover."

"Oliver, I'm sorry to have to come down hard on you like this, but you really must work on your attendance issues.  
"What?  Me?  I don't have any attendance issues.  I attend every time I feel like it."

"Oliver, I think we are having a bit of a communication breakdown.  Why don't you take some time to rethink your position."

"Kipper, we need to address your lack of teamwork and attitude.  We all need to pull together to get the job done.  All for one and one for all, right Kipper?!"  

"Kipper?  Where ya going Kipper?  We're still having a meeting here Kipper.  Kipper?"

"Give it up dog.  I can't talk sense into her either."

"Herding cats sure is hard work."


  1. oh d'Arcy can totally relate to that last comment. He would add that it's very hard to herd a kitten when it's keeps pouncing on him and then wanting to snuggle...

  2. Poor Conner. He has taken on a mighty big job, herding the cats. He just might have met his match.

  3. Kipper probably went off in search of some good-tasting water!

    1. Kipper might be the reason Oliver disappears. He needs to accept that she's the 'cat boss' and she needs to let him into the family. Isn't she looking sleek? er.

    2. Kipper is a little bit thin, in my opinion, but not too bad. Especially considering that she has to drink that horrible water and does not get any special pieces of roast chicken or steak, like MY cats do. However, I must admit that she having huge amounts of fun patrolling rock walls and slinking around the hay bales.

  4. It was a valiant effort Connor!

  5. What a fun post! Great story, fantastic photos. Best staff meeting ever!