Saturday, September 12, 2015

Night Work

The big project for labor Day was to get the firewood stacked. However, it was absurdly hot and I don't handle temperature extremes well.  I have had sun stroke a few too many times and the September sun is intense.  It's usually a good thing as the temps begin to fall, but it's a bit tough when we're having a heat wave.  What's a wilting red-head to do?

Work nights. 

I've just about got this job tackled despite my lack of enthusiasm for it this year.  I'm still sick of firewood from last winter, which is not a good thing.  I did have quite a lot of help with this project at least...

Some people around here just loooove firewood.

Love it sooo much.

Others....not so much.

There are better things to do than play with hunks of wood.


  1. good for you and getting it done!

  2. You'll be so relieved when you're finished!

    Of course, any cat would love the rough wood surfaces for scratching :)

  3. Nice work! How many cords do you burn in an average winter? Cats like firewood because it means a warm cozy fire in winter!

  4. Kipper is the best. I hope you have been supplying her with fresh spring water and not that disgusting stuff that comes out of your tap.

  5. Hahaha!!! The firewood loving kitty is hilarious!!