Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stick Up at Ear Point

"Alright kid, I'll keep a lookout, you show her the note."

"Note?  I don't have a note.  I thought you were supposed to have the note."

"No way, pipsqueak, this was your idea.  I'll help block the door, but you you make the demands."

"Hear that Ma?  We've got the door covered, you're not getting out of here without handing over those feed dishes."

"Just slide them out here and nobody has to get hurt."

"C'mon Ma, get a move on, we're waaaaiiiiiittting!"


  1. And they look like they mean it, too!! ;)
    Also, I've been meaning to mention your banner photo - what a neat shot, so cute!

  2. oh oh. they look pretty determined. Even if they don't have a note!

  3. You have such a great time with your pals..!