Tuesday, September 15, 2015

For Every Season There is a Job

I left this job a bit lat in the year.....

But at least it's done.  Do you suppose I'll find some enthusiasm for firewood before the snow flies?

Yeah, me neither.  By that time I'll be thinking fondly of my little unplanned weeding project brought on be heat prostration.

The heat wave lasted long enough that I feel like I made a significant dent in the water weed problem.  I had three heaping sled loads of weeds.

I don't think I'll ever qualify as the Lady in the Lake, but I may have made it past Swamp Thing.

The weather has changed once again so now it is on to the next task.  This one could take a while.

Since I don't have a spreader, I decided that all the little trees could use some fertilizer.  From Paul Bunyan to Swamp Thing to Mt. Poomore, there's a job for any day.


  1. I least you don't have to pay for a gym membership to keep fit!

  2. I hear you on the job thing. I've been looking at my manure pile and my fencing and remembering that I have not yet figured out my hay feeding system for this winter...

  3. The pond looks great, and I am sure that Moby really appreciates it. Probably the manure will really help your trees get through the oh-so-easy winter that I am SURE we will have! If we DO get a lot of snow, you could use that sled for some fun recreation! Just think how much Connor would like that!

  4. As i just commented on Carson's blog, you never need the gym when you have a bit of acreage. (She says, thinking of all the mowing and whippersnipping that needs to be done here before snake season arrives.)