Sunday, September 15, 2013


One of the things that I have been enjoying a great deal this year is watching the amazing procession of new life that has appeared in my pond since I had it re-dug last year.  It has always been a home to several kinds of frogs, salamanders and the odd snapping turtle, but that was about all I ever saw.  This year has been very, very different and I wish I had thought to keep track of each new appearance.  In a way I have though, with my pictures.

It started early with those loud, but tiny, harbringers of Spring, the peepers.  So loud at times I had to close my bedroom window against their shrill piping.  After them though, came a steady cacophonous procession of different voices, most of which I have never heard in my pond before.  The interesting thing is that they never overlapped.  It was always 2-3 weeks of one sound, a few days of quiet, followed by a new voice.  Each species using the entire pond, but never getting in each others way.  One after another...

In mid July, the dragon-flies made a sudden appearance.  The varieties overlapped a bit more, but still came and left one after the other.  A dizzying array of zipping and diving....

along with an abundance of green grasshoppers bouncing around the outer edges of the pond - and everywhere else.

Through it all was the daily appearance of more than a dozen painted turtles sunning themselves on the straw bale.

And just last week, the sudden, unexpected, brilliant appearance of some kind of Sunflowers lining the shore....

With the exception of the elusive catfish a couple of months ago, I have not added to or planted anything around my pond and I am glad of it.  I can't help but think that anything that I might have done would have been an interference rather than a help.  I will try to remember this the next time I start berating myself for my lack of gardening and landscaping skills.  I will tell myself instead that I am not being negligent or lazy, rather, I am waiting to see what the world offers up on its own.


  1. Wow looks like a really healthy habitiat!
    Will you ever see the carp again, I wonder?

  2. Great photos of frogs.

  3. I LOVE your pond! It must be such a delightful place. Great shots too.

  4. Nature is the best decorator!
    Oh by the way, I listen in earnest each year to hear peepers in the valley...

    Love those marsh marigolds.
    What a beautiful progression of your pond's life?
    Will you keep track now through fall winter and then again spring?
    It would be cool!

  5. There's no life without water! I love marsh marigolds, such a cheerful flower.

  6. Love this. I like to look at my lack of mowing this year the same way. I have watched an astonishing array of things grow, bloom, fade and get replaced this year, just because I let it happen, instead of mowing. Learned alot in the process. And I also wish I'd documented it better.

  7. we keep our pond very natural, also. always keep plenty of fish, frogs, toads, turtles and insects, too. :)

  8. Great set of photos, love the frog in the water.

  9. What a beautiful post, both in photos and in the thoughts behind it. You also dredged up a memory from my childhood - when I saw the title, "Water", I immediately heard the Sons of the Pioneers singing "Cool Water" in my head. My parents had it on one of those old green 45s (which you are too young to remember - at least the green vinyl!). I was inspired to check YouTube and found it! I was listening to the old memory for real when Emma, the beautiful but naughty Calico queen, walked across my keyboard and killed the sound. I've already checked the volume control and it is NOT muted, so I'll have to figure this out. Love and enjoy your pond and all the bounty it brings you!

    Nancy in Iowa

  10. Looks like your redigging of the pond has made life better for a lot of creatures. That's just great, and the pictures are lovely too.

  11. That is not a grasshopper . It is a lacewing.. a very useful preatory insect that helps out us farmers by eating bad bugs