Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Photo Bombers


  1. Don't you just love that when your critter has to poke their face into the photo?

    Morris has gotten pretty good at not being interested in the camera, although he has ended up on 'timed exposures'.

  2. Jeez, it took me long enough to see them! Are those lizards?

  3. Well done! I especially like the bright orange..lizard? Salamander? Thingy!

    Nancy in Iowa

  4. Earlier this morning, I didn't catch a thing (my excuse -- I shelled peas last night until midnight, then gave up). I came back after lunch and - AHA! ....except for the next to the last one -- had to click to figure out what the 'fuzzy white thing' was ---- ha ha ha finally saw the whiskers. The last one really does fit the title :)

    Thanks for the smiles
    M in NC