Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Apparel

"Yo Donkeys!"

"Yo Ma?!"

"Wanna talk about this year's fashions?"

"Uhmmm, Ma?  Are you OK?"

"Sure, why do you ask?"

"Well, um, fashion?  Have you noticed the state of the sweatshirt your wearing?  And while we're on the subject, you do know that you need to replace the duct tape on your rain coat again don't you?  I really don't think you are qualified to even discuss fashion."

"Oh c'mon, it's not that bad."

"Yes Ma, it is."

"Yeah, yeah alright, I'll work on it."  Eventually

"Do you mean you'll replace the tape or do you mean you'll get a new coat?"

"OK, OK I'll work on it. But hey, we're not talk'n about ME though, I know that's hopeless, check out the styling new wardrobe for the kid here.  He's gotten so big, I finally broke down and bought him a real halter.  What do you think?"

"If you want a Border Collie opinion, and I can't imagine why you wouldn't, I'd say nothing can help those  ears."

"Don't listen Ramsey, you look beautifully shiny and handsome.  I know the blue is a bit more BLUE than I thought it would be, but you look great.  Lets move on to the real point of this conversation shall we?"

"There is a point?"

"YES!  The point is, I've decided that your own lovely, furry, pelts are going to have to be enough this year.  NO blankets.  They're too expensive and dangerous."

"But, but....what if we get cold!??!"

"Look at this, It's only September....

You'll be fine....

And Emma, my love, I think you have enough internal 'fluff' to keep you nice and toasty."

"Harumph, look who's talk'n.  You better go re-tape your coat Ma, I bet you're gonna be wanting it soon and then we'll see about no blankets for us poor donkeys."


  1. He does look quite handsome. Looks like he takes the bit well. Bet there are a bunch of us whose critters have much better fashion than we "moms". lord help the poor souls who come unannounced...my jammies are a fashion statement of themselves! and duct tape IS the new thing i think?!

  2. ooh, duct tape on raincoats... never thought of that!

    They are some thick fluffy coats there... reckon they'll be fine especially with the nice barn they have, too.

  3. No more baby fuzz! Looking GOOD!
    He looks so upset with that bit in his mouth :-)

  4. I love it "internal fluff"....I'm going with that look this year too!

  5. Loved this...I can see it happening!

  6. Hehe! Looking good in the fall fashion :-) Our human 'abuses' us too in the winter she says no rugs (except on the very odd occasion that Dragon needs to stay mud free for riding) as it's perfect for slimming us down.... hmmm we just call it mule abuse! Harumph indeed!

  7. I think Ramsey looks great in blue... and I'm going to have to style my coat for the blog... I think this might be it's last year.

  8. They look so clean and sparkly. I thought dogs and donkeys didn't mix. Yours seem to be getting along just fine, though.


    1. They need lots of time to get used to one another. Mine have all gotten to know each other and generally get along well, strange dogs are a whole other story though.

  9. Good grief, guys. There's nothing wrong with duct tape on a raincoat ;-).

  10. I think that blue is fantastic on Ramsey. As Billy Connelly would say, "Its not blue, it's BLUE!" but it's the perfect colour for him. Hm internal fluff, yep think I'll be using that too. We're coming into summer here but you need insulation for hot days too, right? :)