Sunday, September 22, 2013

Moving Mountains

The Twin Peaks...

A neaighbor who owns a small dump truck and very ambitious garden plans...

The Old Red Dragon and ground just barley dry enough to work over...

A couple of Treasures unearthed...

and the mountains are no more, leaving just a bit of well aged black gold that I have to shovel out by hand.

I would have liked to put this on my own land, but I don't yet have a spreader and the weather is deteriorating fast.  I am glad to have it gone and it won't be long before the mountains are growing again and more treasures being hidden away.

Yesterday was foot trimming day at Riding Buddy's, there are some interesting things going on.  I'll be posting about them soon.  I also have the hay/pasture tests back, there are some interesting and very odd things going on there as well.  I haven't quite figured out what the oddities mean, but I'll let you know when I get it worked out.  Lots going on and at this moment I need to go bring in firewood and get the stove going.  It's freezing in here. 

Happy equinox.


  1. yay for manure mountains being used!

  2. Happy Equinox to you. I enjoy reading about your resourcefulness in keeping your farm and animals managed well and your preparations for winter. Other than Fall arriving today, we are opposite here on the West Coast in our winter plans. Our donkeys have slimmed down with no grass to graze this summer (drought) and we are prepping, and really hoping, we get a good rain season starting in October. Everything needs it, especially the oak trees. If so, the grass will come back and we will have to consider grazing muzzles and limiting their grass consumption. We are thinking of electric fencing and the grazing corridors. Two ideas planted by you for which I thank you. We managed to stock up on some great quality second cut orchard grass which is also helping with their weight and it's nice to have enough in the barn. Enjoy your fire and be well.

    1. I sure hope you guys get some rain out there soon. This has been one of the wettest years ever around here while so many other places are suffering from drought. I so wish I could share. I'd definitely recommend the track system, I have been quite happy with it and I am saving on hay now by strip grazing some of the inner pasture. The muzzle did not work well for me for a number of reasons - a certain little brown donkey being just one of them:)

  3. LOL Your comment "the muzzle' and "little brown donkey" is self explaining :-)

  4. gotta love that stuff! and yay to finding the buried "treasures" too :)