Thursday, September 19, 2013

Neighborly Visits

Riding Buddy was here with her horse Hawkeye last week.  I am always interested to see how new horses get to know one another and I was even more interested to see how the donkeys would react.  Hawkeye is a sweet natured gentleman who generally gets along well with nearly everyone.  He and Tessa are totally besotted with one another, and every time we ride together, they are always trying to nuzzle and schmooze with each other.  Emma and Hawkeye seemed to be equally intrigued with one another.

Ramsey's reaction was a bit more guarded and equally interesting.  Tessa was tied in the barn and he hung back with her, a little unsure of what he was supposed to do, for several minutes before venturing out to keep a close eye on the proceedings.

I found it fascinating to discover later that, before he came out, he urinated in front of where Tessa was tied up.  He never, ever pees in that spot.  A fairly clear message I'd say:)

He hung back and watched...

and watched and sniffed and made some small donkey noises....

and finally decided that maybe Hawkeye is not so bad and invited him to come play some time.


  1. Sweet... maybe Ramsay remembers being on the receiving end with Gabe so he's just being cautious with this unknown male horse?

  2. I love the pictures of Ramsey hanging back -- like a human kid peeking out from behind mom's legs.

  3. Just what I was going to say!! Pretty cute that he 'claimed' Tessa.

  4. Yes it does seem critters gotta mark territory , once that is established all is well .
    Personally I just offer up a cup of coffee to new guest, but seems all my farm animals think marking territory it is the way to go, doubt I will

  5. Pretty brave of him, considering Hawkeye is twice his size!

  6. How sweet. Your photos are lovely.