Monday, March 18, 2013

Well now I know...

So I'm out in the barn this afternoon doing all my normal stuff and I notice Emma over by the hedgerow and she's got some kind of flat, black thing in her mouth, tossing it up and down.  WTH??  I head over and find that my dear old nemesis, the wind, has, unbeknownst to me, blown a largish piece of tar paper into my yard from God only knows where. Upon further investigation, I find the tar paper is riddled with Emma-sized bite marks.  I guess now I know what caused Emma's bellyache. 

I do not want to think about what sort of chemicals go into the making of tar paper.  Aside from scrutinizing every pile of poop and watching Emma for any sign of discomfort or illness, there is nothing to be done.  It is already too long after the fact for any sort of treatment and the equine digestives tract is a one way system.  What goes in at one end, has to come out the other.  Since she had colic on Saturday and seems totally fine now, I am hoping that the worst is already over with and there will be no lasting problems. One can always hope.

The whole thing makes me want to go find a brick wall that I could forcibly apply my skull to.  I guess it is a good thing there are no brick walls handy.  On the other hand, a good sized tree would work just as well.  There are plenty of trees.  Oh, and did I mention we're having another snow storm?  

Yeah, a tree would work, there are plenty of trees...


  1. Kids... Beautiful trees to beat your head against though ;-). Nice shots.

  2. My dog Pickles ate part of a brand new tv clicker, a spool of thread, and whatever else she found lying around when she was a puppy. She was still snorfing up acorns when she was old. Our luck that she threw up all of these things! Blossom, on the other hand, ate large chunks of rubber balls that had to be surgically removed - three times! inspite of my combing the back yard daily after the first time.

    Another snowstorm here too. Soon, the moss in your "dark and deep" woods will be dry and dappled with sunshine . Hang in there!

  3. What an interesting "pattern" on the pond. I'm not certain what I'm looking at.

  4. Oh Emma!
    Pics are gorgeous, I love where you live, minus the wind part, I get enough of that here!

  5. again your photography is amazing. you have an eye for patterns. you could publish a coffee table book or two. what kind of camera/lenses do you use? My nikon broke about 2 years and i havent had the money to replace (it all goes to the animals!) but someday......... Di

  6. I love that "pattern" on the pond too. Mother nature at her best!

  7. Hi Kris - you could give Emma some probiotics - The Cdn Donkey Sanctuary recommends
    Biotic 8 from Alpha Omega. I was making a hoop jump last year and stupidly attached the hoop (an old vacumm hose) to the posts with heavy duty elastic bands as I couldn't find anything else handy. Went into the house, came out - jump had been dismantled and the elastics were gone! I looked for days but never found them - I'm sure one of the donkeys ate them - watched the poop but they were gone, gone. Some donkeys think they are goats! One of mine will eat tarps, cardboard, etc.

    Beautiful photos!

  8. I had a donkey that would eat anything too. Or carry it off.
    I like the pattern on the pond too. Really, I like the pond! You have Water!! It's a little dry here.

  9. I hope Emma will be O.K. I love that pattern on the pond!