Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sun Dreams

I have seen studies that claim that horses don't dream.

They usually site things like brain capacity, development and structure.

They say that dreaming is a human condition, that what appears to be dreaming is merely a projection.

They base their findings on anatomical studies, lab work and theory.

I think, if they really want to know, they need to ask a horse.  The horse will answer if we learn how to hear it.

Watch Tessa's ears, eyes, nose, body and tell me she does not dream.

I don't know what she dreams because I am human and I cannot know a horse's dreams as she cannot know mine, but I know she has them.


  1. wow! Shes definitely dreaming! I think that a lot of times horses are not necessarily in deep enough sleep to dream, but that doesn't mean that they are incapable of it!

  2. Beautiful post; happy horse.

  3. I'm sure they dream. Found a good article on it ...

  4. Haha. Great video capture. Looks like dreaming to me.

  5. Everyone dreams. period. Tessa is one gorgeous horse.

  6. Definitely dreaming, even her body was moving and I'm sure her breathing altered too at one point. What a lovely horse she is.

  7. I hope her dreams are good ones. My dog's dreams weren't pleasant when I first got her. She used to cry and whine a lot while dreaming but that has largely passed in time. Now she seems to have the chasing rabbits kind of dreams. No more crying or whining.