Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Painted Ponies in the Snow

The first real sign of Spring finally showed up this weekend.  It was a gorgeous day Saturday, sunny and in the forties.  Of course, it didn't last long, the weather today...unspeakable.  Saturday though, was good.   Riding Buddy and I took the Painted Ponies out for a trail ride and it was great.  Like having a little vacation.  What with one thing (Ramsey) and another (Ramsey), it's been a loooong winter. 

I haven't been able to spend much time with the horses lately.  I wouldn't exactly call them neglected, but I haven't done much with them either.  My biggest concern about them is that they have both gotten very overweight this winter, especially Gabe.  They get nothing other than grass hay and a vitamin supplement.  I don't even have grain on the property any more and they are now eating out of slow feed nets with one inch holes.  Whatever has been wrong with Gabe's mouth seems to be better.  I am not convinced that the problem is entirely gone, but it is not bothering him anymore and it certainly doesn't impede his consumption so I am taking a wait and see approach.   

I think the reason they are both such chubs (besides extreme laziness and lack of exercise) is that the hay is too rich.  Farm Buddy always makes good hay, but because of the drought, it probably has a higher than normal sugar content.  I can't change the hay, but I hope I can start making these fatties get a bit more exercise.  We certainly tried this weekend.  Before our ride, I took them into the bottom of the pasture and convinced them to run around a bit.  It's probably the most exercise they've gotten all year.

"Who are you calling fat?"

"I'm not fat.  I just know how to keep warm."


  1. Truthfully, although yes they do look a little heavy, they do not look obese by any means. A little extra winter weight, in my mind, is a good thing. Especially in areas of extreme cold and wind, which you have had a lot of this year.
    I'll bet they trim right down once they start getting more exercise.

  2. Haha, I like that "I'm not fat I just know how to keep warm". I think I could use that line! LOL They really do look good though and having fun kicking up their heels.

  3. Oh, it's so good to see the big horses in a post... they may be a little chubby, but they are so beautiful!

  4. Your horses are just beautiful. It's nice to see them with their winter-chubby look. I subscribed to rescue sights that oftentimes post the food/deprived horses and it is so sad. Of course they get better with good care and diet, but it's really nice to come to your sight where they are so good looking and well-yes, with a little exercise they will be fine!!! ( wouldn't we all be?) Love the little video. What a beautiful romp in the snow.

  5. I probably shouldn't like fat horses, but yours are beautiful in their fatness! Like mythological horses.

  6. Yep...a little chunky monkey-ish over there ;-).