Friday, March 22, 2013

The Anatomy of a Nap Part 3 - Gravity Wins

We've given this a lot of thought and we had a meeting about it in the barn...

...with not one single tiny hint of warmer weather anywhere to be found, we have all decided that the best thing to do is conserve our strength and let gravity have its way.

Pillow fights aside, not even Mom can resist anymore....  

...she tries hard and manages to hold out much longer than you might think possible...

...but in the end...

Good thing I went for strategic placement once again...

I am going to sleep, dream...

and wait...

...for the sun to come back.

In the end, gravity always wins.


  1. Love, love, love how he uses the hay bag as a pillow! The kitty looks comfortable, too!

  2. Great pictures.

    On another subject. Do you still use your wooden slow feeders that you made? I was wondering if I could get the measuements for them.


  3. You and Carson and Morning Bray Farm are the Poster bloggers for the joy of owning donkeys. I loved this little story of the sweet struggle against gravity! For three mornings, I longed to go back to bed and join them in spirit!

  4. All so cute, really enjoyed this series!