Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Biggest Bug

"Yo Ma!"

"Yes Emma, what can I do for you?"

"Wow Ma, that's a really long list!"

"Umm, yeah, how about we just stick to one thing at a time, OK?"

*sigh* "Alright, but I reserve the right make new requests whenever I want to."

"But of course.  What can I do for you at this moment?"

"Well, see Ma, this fly mask thingy works pretty good most of the time, but there's this one really huge, super persistent, brown fly that I just can't get away from...."

"It's like having an extra shadow that keeps trying to attack me."

"No matter how I turn, this darn bug just stays latched onto the flymask.  He's like a big, brown leech."

"Don't you have some spray or powder for this?"

"The least you could do is get me a really big flyswatter!"

"Sorry Em, I think you're on your own with that particular pest.  Maybe you should try biting him."

"Well, I would if I could just get him to let go of the mask!  Sheesh, you're no help at all Ma.  What I have to put up with......."


  1. The border collies think they are BOTH bugs.

  2. I thought about getting fly masks for my boys, but they'd have them off each other in a few minutes---they are so mouthy with one another.