Saturday, August 22, 2015

And the Cat Came Back

After disappearing for three days to sulk and lick his wounds, Old Yowler decided that the lure of soft hay and a bottomless food dish was just too much to resist.

Kipper is very disappointed and is plotting evil deeds.

"I'll get him one of these days....just you wait and see if I don't...grrrr."

"Ooooh, I'm soooo worried."

"Well, he oughta be, one of these days....."

"He may think I'm harmless, but that's always what serial killers want you to think right?  Just a sweet, innocent little kitty - until just the right moment.  You just wait and see."

"Yup, I'm quaking in my boots."

Yellow Cat and I had a brief conversation this morning.  I was refilling the food dish (again!) and he was twining around it begging for more.  I said, "what, you think you're Oliver Twist or something, starving in the orphanage?"  He said, "Whine, whine, more please, mroew, mreow", and, just like that, the name stuck.

I'd been thinking about names and trying them on, but that is how it usually happens.  One finally just presents itself at the right time and it sticks.  So, meet Oliver. 

At least he is much quieter, happier and easier to live with now that he is neutered.  They don't call it 'getting fixed' for nuthin.


  1. hello Oliver. Welcome to the farm. I think you will fit in just fine.

  2. I see Connor is keeping an eye on him nevertheless!

  3. Wonderful post. GREAT shot of Kipper stalking Oliver. How did you ever manage to get it? Oliver, very good choice.

  4. Ah the secret lives of cats! I went for years without any and now have three and everyday wonder how I managed with out them all of those years. I think Oliver suits him well. He is a very handsome boy.

  5. Hooray!! Oliver is a lovely name and it fits perfectly!

  6. Kipper could have that Oliver for breakfast on toast if she wanted to!!

  7. One lucky stray and I like the name!!!

  8. Hello Oliver! You are so generous, and who can deny such a beautiful cat????
    The more the merrier!