Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Resurrected - Again

Thanks to the local lawn mower hero, Humpty Dumpty has been put back together yet again. 
There is not one piece of this poor, old machine that has not been tacked back together multiple times.  The tires are held up with fix-a-flat rather than air, the deck has a permanent list, baling wire holds up one side, the blades aren't quite even and I'm fairly sure that gravity and habit are the only things holding the hood on.  Oh, and it was Emma who took a bite out of the seat.

But, it still runs and is back on the job once a more.  We are starting to take bets on just how long it will be before the entire mess dissolves into a heap of rubble.  It's only 26 years old.  I think its got a few more years in it, don't you?


  1. One of the farmers at the flower market was explaining to anyone within ear shot how he got stuck in the field repairing his sixty year old tractor that had broken down for the sixth time in a week. I asked why he didn't buy a new one: "what fun would that be"? was his reply.

    1. Not to mention that a new one would cost more than he will probably make in five years.

      My tractor, Eugene, is older than that!

    2. I love that your tractor has a name :-D.

  2. My father would certainly appreciate this. He refused to pay $1,500 for a new riding lawn mower. He put quite a bit of effort into keeping that old mower running.

  3. Kris, I needed a laugh in the worst way tonight. I had a local shop weld my Dyna Mark for so long, that the last time I picked it up, he said "There isn't a place left on it that I can weld again!" I did finally break down and buy one new. But that Dyna Mark!