Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Gourmand's Guide

"Hello folks, Donkey Em here with a little review of the local dining establishments."

"To get things started we tried a small appetizer to whet the palate before the buffet: a bit of thistle with a nice, sharp tang to it."

"When offered a sampler platter, I suggest the dark green ferns, but skip the light green.  They are no good at all."

"Do try the well rotted lichens...quite scrumptious."

"....but I'd pass on the mushrooms.  They smelled just a bit off."

"Terrible that they are serving sub-par fungus.  What is the world coming to?  They lose a star for that." 

"The extra rotted birch tree with a side of moss was quite good though."

"It offered a nice bit if entertainment value as well, although there were some terribly rude diners. I do wish people would control their children."

"And then there was the main course, some say that it is very reminiscent of lobster..."

"Do be careful to chew thoroughly to get the most out of the little squeaking noises that the wood pulp makes when it is squished in one's teeth.  Very satisfying."

"And for dessert....Beech leaves.  Yum!"

"Really quite a nice meal barring the nasty mushrooms and the rude children.  I give it two ears up."


  1. now that should be on Trip Advisor! I hate rude diners as well.

  2. What a feast, and a tribute to donkey digestion! Our desert burros would be so jealous.

  3. oooooo. that rotted tree trunk looks like a perfect wasp's house!!!

  4. Sounds like that was a relatively good feast! Too bad about the poor quality mushrooms and noisy children :(

    (I find it amazing what donkeys and goats will eat!)

  5. Great technique with the birch tree there, Emma!
    Great fun, this post and the little video, and very cool pictures!

  6. Oh my goodness, she eats quite a wide plate!

  7. Wow! That's quite an extensive menu. Such elegant choices. Around here, my donkeys don't get things to green and delightful this time of year.

  8. That boy is always going to be a "kid" :-).