Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Great Outdoors

Seeing as how the Dancing Donkeys are terribly busy soaking up Spring....

You'll just have to suffer through more puppy pictures.

With the good weather, FB moved the pups from the barn to the woodshed by the house.

From here, they can come and go at will and explore the great outdoors.....

....and get to know aunt Kelsey and uncle Connor.
They have discovered the delights of firewood.

These really are interesting puppies.  At just over six weeks, they are very aware of their environment and already keeping watch over it.

They are very different from border collie pups, who would be all over the place, into everything and already trying to figure out how to play frisbee and simultaneously rule the world.  These pups check things out, stake out their space and guard it.  They even bark at intruders.  The foxes may laugh at them now, but just wait a little while.

It's interesting to see how the other animals react to them as well.  The sheep, who would never dream of back talking one of the BCs or even think about questioning thier tyranny, have no fear whatsoever of the guard dogs, including the mother.

Blood does tell, even in adorable little puffballs.

Did I mention that RB has decided to keep one as well?  More playmates for Connor.


  1. Good thing you're keeping one of the fluffy balls :-) !!!

  2. Don't worry blog readers...there is no blood on their heads! Any orange/red that you see was a livestock marking crayon used to identify which puppies were administered a puppy booster shot. Puppies are seven weeks old today!

  3. Such serious little faces. Its amazing. If anything should happen to my Rottie/Lab mix I think I might call on you. Do you think they could stand the desert and having their coats cut short in the summer? Serious.

    1. I am not real familiar with this breed, I do think the heat could be a problem for them. That said, they are quite popular as LGD's in the south and in Texas. They also originate in Italy, where it certainly gets hot. They do need acreage and a job. I do not have any real experience with this breed so if you would like to learn more, I'd suggest getting in touch with their breeder. You can reach him through his website at:

  4. they're just wonderful balls of fur and territorial intelligence!

  5. No snow!!! Warm sunshine!!! Everyone looks so relaxed & happy :)

  6. Love love love the puppies!

  7. It must be absolute heaven to see NO SNOW and feel the sunshine. These puppies are so very cute and getting bigger every day.

  8. Well, I certainly wouldn't be able to resist keeping at least one of them. They are just amazingly cute! It really is amazing at the differences in so many breeds of dogs, but all warm-blooded critters appreciate kindness, love and food! Very happy to see all the snow gone - bet you're overjoyed!!