Monday, April 6, 2015

Riding Lessons

"Alrighty now Kip, sit up straight, shoulders back, eyes up.  C'mon now, don't stare at the ground, watch where you're going...."

"That's better, but try to relax.  Sit up straight, eyes up, heels down, watch where you're going.  Don't cling like a monkey, just relax and move with him.  Eyes UP, heels DOWN.  Watch where you're going."

"Good, good, but focus forward, forward Kip. Sit up straight, eyes up, heels DOWN.  LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING!"

*sigh* "Well Kip, looks like that's about all we have time for this week.  I think we may do some lunge line work next week so you can focus on your seat without having to watch where you're going...."

"Hey cat, I think you better start chasing some rabbits on your own.  It sure doesn't sound like you're gonna get to join the Hunt Club any time soon."


  1. Kip has jockey written all over her? Him? sorry I forgot the gender. :)

  2. Poor Kip! I remember those days. Loved this!

  3. My donkey boys would stomp my cat into smithereens if he attempted 'riding'. They chase he and the chickens out of any place they can.

  4. that second photo looks suspiciously like someone (Kip) is about to go potty... but if it's vaulting never mind... :-)

  5. I wonder what FB has to say about this remarkable developing relationship with DONKEYS!!! Hee Haw, FB!!!