Saturday, April 18, 2015

Spring is Springing

I wish we could somehow slow April down.  Why is that it is measured in days while winter is half a year?  If only we could reverse that. 

The babies have started showing up on the farm.  Three ewes have lambed so far.  Mable had one big baby, which is what she always has except for one set of twins.  Mable was a rejected bottle baby many years ago.  She was raised on cow's milk, which is not supposed to be good, but she grew to be the biggest sheep.  She is the matriarch of the flock now, the mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and leader.

Teasel (I think, I get her mixed up with her siblings sometimes) and her twins.  

Remember the little bottle baby from last year with the X on her face?  That is her up on the hill to the left - Flora.  Now look way over to the right at one of Teasel's twins.  I know its blurry, but see that big X marking the spot?

Look familiar?

The other babies are another set of triplets, two boys and this tiny, tiny, little girl.  She doesn't even weigh two pounds.  Her mother is not thrilled about her, thinking the two big boys are plenty to deal with.  Mom won't feed her, but does tolerate her otherwise.  It was pretty iffy at first whether this little creature would survive, but she is doing well on a bottle and getting tougher every day.  She hangs out with her brothers and the rest of the flock, but gets fed from a bottle.  Who knows, maybe she'll grow as big as her great grandmother one day.

Yesterday, the donkeys got their first walk in the woods this year, it is so, SO good to be able to get out into the world without battling snow.  Walking on water is totally overrated. 

They are feeling great and were so glad to be out and about.

We found the first red eft of the year...

 I love these little guys.

Last night, I heard the spring peepers for the first time.  Connor is having a lot of fun chasing robins out of his territory.  I see the makings of a good goose dog.  One of these days I might even squeeze in a ride on my fat, flabby horse.  If I can get my own fat, flabby self onto her.

I love Spring.  I wish I could hold on to it and keep all it's wonders close to me. 

Spring is springing and puppies are taking over the entire world.


  1. love the lambs and sheep. and glad you are all moving about more freely!

  2. At last! It's about time you got some beautiful weather! Enjoy.

  3. I have not logged on to Blogger in forever. Nice to stop by for a visit, just in time for spring pics! Lovely!

  4. Oh my gosh, there comes the White Cloud again!

  5. Such wonderful photos! It's so interesting that you can see the "X" so clearly in the fourth photo. And those puppies . . . . sigh. . . I'm in love!

  6. Thanks for this, it was beautiful to see the sheep and those X's, how cool is that?
    Things are getting so green so fast. Yes...I agree, slow April and May down so we can enjoy them!


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