Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sowing the Seed

So let's see, if I follow Mom's logic, I put this in the hole....

Make sure it's lined up with the rest....

Fill the hole in and in a few years I'll have a Frisbee tree with a whole bunch of Frisbees.  Or will I get one really big tree-sized Frisbee? That could work too, I guess we'll try it.  

All 50 spruces in the ground.  On to the willows.


  1. Connor is such a clever dog. A frisbee tree would be awesome!

  2. Haha! Don't plant the willows close to the house - those roots run wild!

  3. WOW! 50 tree holes dug & filled !??! When I lived in New Jersey we had soil like yours -more rock than dirt - I had to BUY dirt to but in the holes due to so many rocks. You are way more ambitious than I am, LOL! Take care you don't over work yourself. (Keep your cell with you.)

  4. An amazing amount of work. It will be nice to have the trees in the future, though!