Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Connor - Kelsey Show

A little side note first: there is a great article about donkeys in this month's issue of The Horse.  I am really happy to see this, not just because it is a great article, but because it is in a very prominent magazine with a lot of readers who probably don't often even think about the existence of donkeys.  This is just the kind of informative, factual publicity that donkeys desperately need.   If you have a moment to share this and let The Horse know that you appreciate it, maybe we'll start to see more like it.  Who knows, maybe a couple more donkeys will find homes.


Here it is, April fools day and the joke is on me, the snow is still almost two feet deep.  It is frozen on the top now so the dogs, at least, are happy.  They can run on top of it an so can us humans if we're wearing snow shoes.

These two fools sure know how to live it up.

At least someone can find the fun in perpetual winter.


  1. I think health insurance should cover the cost of one or more dogs: They are such invaluable immune boosters and anti-depressants!

  2. Tired dogs are happy dogs and so glad they can now at least get out an run even if it is on 2' of snow!

  3. I hope you lost some of that snow today. We had a high of 71 degrees.

  4. Oh that looks fun! We are starting to see a bit of green which I hope won't make you 'green' with envy.

  5. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

  6. What a superb article that is from The Horse magazine. I'm going to promote it on my blog too. Thanks for drawing my attention to it.