Saturday, August 30, 2014

Working Girl

In celebration of workers everywhere...if only we all enjoyed our jobs half as mush as a Border Collie.

Happy Labor Day


  1. What a fun post. Good girl, Kelsie . Thanks. I wonder why some of the sheep still have their tails?

    1. We don't dock the tails on the lambs that we raise for meat. We do on the ewes that we keep for breeding as they stay much cleaner and healthier that way. We tried leaving them long a couple of times, but they really do get to be a mess during lambing. The mess can attract flies and lead to maggot infestation as well as drawing predators. They really are better off without them.

  2. They love to herd--sheep, kids, whatever ;-)

  3. Love this video. Great Border Collie. Good girl Kelsie.

  4. Well, how cool was that! We were in Scotland many many years ago and were walking with the sheep herder and his flock and his border collie. It was amazing (although his accent was thick enough we had no idea what he was saying half the time).
    Love reading about border collies in Jon Katz's books too.

  5. Nice! If only I had as much energy as a border collie! I'd get so much done.