Friday, August 1, 2014

A Present for Ramsey

After reading about the harness that I bought for Emma (that I haven't had time to do much with yet), the Crazysheeplady sent Ramsey a present so he won't feel left out....

It may have resembled a pile of rather unappetizing spaghetti, but after a good cleaning....

Its true colors start to reveal themselves....

"Uh Ma, are you sure this is a present?"

"Hey kid, looks like a good fit Maybe we'll get some work out of you yet."

"Hmmmm, so how's this thing work Ma?  I don't see how it's gonna drive me around.  Are there magic words or something?"

"Oh wait, maybe this will work....Is this what pulling means?"

"Hey look Ma, I've got the downtrodden-beast-of-burden look down pat!  What more could I need?"

"You know Ma, something tells me that this head gear was designed for someone with serious ear deficiencies.  Too bad for them..."

"....but if it means you'll open up this darned gate, then I'm game!"

"Thanks Crazysheeplady, I'm sure I'll have fun teaching Ma how to use this thing!"

"Say Ma, what are sheep anyway?  Are they really crazy?"


  1. Donkeys are such naturals for training, so willing to please. How handsome he looks in his harness!

  2. Too cute!!! I'm so glad it (mostly) fits. Sorry about the ear deficiencies ;-).

  3. literally laughing my butt off right now!~

  4. Ramsey is so cute in his new harness. I just love that donkey.

  5. What a great gift and it looks like it fits well. Now do not eat it little man.