Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Donkey Days of August

"There's really only one thing to do during the heat of a late summer day..."

"....Relax... your favorite spot, preferably near a handy wall for support...

and have a nice nap."

"Sometimes you just have to ignore the bothersome paparazzi....

and rest your weary head."

"That way, we'll have the energy to demand a long overdue outing and to pick up the slack when Ma goofs up and gets her days all muddled again....Ma was supposed to do this, but you all know how she is...."

Happy Birthday Norma!
(At least you can always count on US to get it right!)


  1. It is so ironic that the donkeys don't really get the super good looking coats until about August! Then they start to regrow their winter coat.
    They look like they are enjoying themselves!

  2. Hey Ramsey, Emma and Tessa! My birthday is May 12 - FYI. :)

  3. These pictures were perfect for the dog days, Kris!!!