Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Mighty Peep

Have you ever actually seen a peeper frog?

It's usually only in the Spring when any of us even think about them.  We hear their first tentative, little peeps and get excited and call our friends....Spring, it's Spring!  Within a few days, the little peeps have multiplied into the hundreds, thousands, millions until they are a shrill cacophony that seems to fill the whole world.

Surely the creatures who create such racket would be easy to find, but how often does anyone actually see a Peeper frog?  I've been trying to spot one for years, ever since I learned, in a long ago biology class, that they are tiny and live in trees.  They only come out into the ponds and swamps in the Spring to mate and lay eggs then disappear back into the leaves.

I was clearing fence this weekend and shoved a small sapling out of the way, I felt something land on my arm and just managed to take notice of it before brushing it away.  A miniscule peeper frog, no bigger than a pencil eraser....

Hard to believe that these guys get so loud I have to close my bedroom window to protect my ears.  This fellow sat for a moment, just long enough for a brief portrait, then launched himself back into the trees and once again disappeared.

Bye little guy, it was a pleasure to finally meet one of you.


  1. how adorable cute! love these tiny sounders!

  2. Well, thank you. We don't have peepers in the city (obvs)! But I've heard of them. I thought they were much bigger. Very cute little Being.

  3. I had heard of peeper frogs, but don't live where they live. Had no idea they could be so tiny.

  4. What an adorable little guy! I've never heard of Peeper Frogs before (well, obviously, as I live in a small suburb in CA), but how cool is that that you finally got to see one.