Monday, September 11, 2017

Fun Things to do on Vacation

Some people take time off from work to travel and recreate.  I take time off from work and end up working even harder.  Given that the rest of the world is either on fire, flooded or getting blown off the map right now, Hellwind Hill is, for once, the place to be and traveling seems like a very bad idea.

So what are some of the fun things on the vacation agenda?  So far, the things that have made the list have been:

  • stacking firewood (working on it)
  • mowing fields (done)
  • cleaning and organizing the tack/feed room (working on that too)
  • sheath cleaning for Ben and Ramsey and udder scrubbing for Tessa (DONE!). Emma never needs such attention because that is just far too crude for delicate, finicky little unicorns.  
Do I know how to have fun or what?

Just to liven things up a bit, I finally decided to tackle another big building project that I have been agonizing over for a while.  Care to guess?



  1. AMEN to that 1st statement. I come to work to rest for sure. We got 330 bales of hay up yesterday and believe me when I say I touched every single one of them. A lot of them twice. As I was the hay picker upper during the last part. Hubby was baling and I was picking up and getting them into the barn by myself at the end.

    When we start out, I run around the field with the 4 wheeler and trailer. Get about 30 bales on it. Then fill up the Mule. I can get 10 on it. Then he stops baling and we get it all unloaded into the hay shed. I unstack and throw them to him and he stacks them in that shed.

    Toward the end, when it's getting late. I just load up 10 bales on the Mule and put them in the barn by myself.

    ..........I could hardly drive to work this morning because I'm so tired.

    It looks like you are building some kind of shed/building. I have several sheds I want done. But, they will have to wait until after hay season. Hubby will rerake the field this afternoon and we should get 20-30 more bales out. We should get one more full cutting this Fall.

  2. I haven't a clue' its a long ways from your house. Please don't keep us in suspense!

  3. Can you operate that backhoe thingy? I'm impressed! As for what you are building, my first thought was permanent snow fence but, um no.

  4. Did you get to play with the backhoe? I'd love to try one! I love my 'working' vacations. I feel so accomplished.