Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Baby Bea

Farm Buddy's sister got a new Golden Retriever puppy.  Her sister does a lot of walking and her two older dogs are not up for the miles any more so, after much agonizing over the decision, she brought Bea home.  It was a good choice, she has plenty of time, room and space in her heart for another dog and nobody should have to walk alone.

Everybody should have a good dog to walk with. Or run.

And, because everyone also needs some sweet, puppy goodness in their lives, say hello to little Bea.

Just do it quietly, because you don't want to wake the baby.


  1. PUPPY!! Oh sorry- didn't mean to wake the baby. :D She's so adorable.

  2. Fun times ahead for all. Can't get over the black soil. The only way I can get soil that black here in the desert, is to pour it out of a bag.

    1. Believe me, my sister has NO soil, only rocks!!! This is definitely soil she brought in. However, she does have FANTASTIC gardens!!

  3. That baby is adorable, dirt & all. How could anyone resist that sweet face? Sandy

  4. Great photos! From the ears up, to the happy dirty puppy photo - and the others too! Babies, they are all so sweet - until they aren't. And then you love them anyways, well, because they are innocent babies. Just look at that face!!

  5. ErMuhGawd... puppy in the planters... SO cute!!

  6. Ahhh, Goldies! Ours was our Sunshine Girl. They bring so much love and light into a home.