Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Wannabe Donkey

Tessa really would prefer to be a donkey.  She has even been practicing...

She tries hard and almost manages sometimes.

But, try as she may, those little ears just aren't quite up to the job.

You know, when I first brought Emma home, her ears seemed soooo enormous.  Now, they look completely right and Tessa's ears look awfully small.  Poor Tess, she'll just have to keep being an honorary donkey.


  1. Honorary donkey... I love that! The little grey donk that lived with a horse near us has disappeared, as of last week. :-(

  2. Well Tessa looks like a donkey to me. Furthermore, she has that whole donkey thing of "I hate dogs" pretty much nailed down! I WILL say she is very pretty!

  3. Tess is pretty even with her short ears!

  4. You're the biggest most beautiful donkey in the world, Tessa!!