Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Brief Excursion

I'm actually on vacation this week, it's my spring break from the Salt Mines.  FB and I loaded up all the dogs and went off on a small excursion this afternoon.  We went to a bit of state forest not far from here that neither of us had been to before.  There is a small lake and a portion of the Finger Lakes Trail runs through the area.

The dogs love exploring new trails.

All the little woodland wildflowers are in bloom.  A blurry Spring Beauty coming up right next to a Trout Lilly:

I think it is interesting that both the Meadow Mice up in Canada and Mulewings out in the Midwest (Michigan I think?) have posted photos of the same flowers in the same stages int he past few days.  Great minds think alike, right ladies?

These are the first Trillium I have found this year.

And the trout lilies, some people call them Dog Tooth Lilies, for obvious reasons....

It was only about 45 degrees and we had a hard frost last night, but that didn't stop my crazy water dog.

The Border Collie stare - squared...

Connor has grown up and filled out, but under all his fluff, he is still noting but hard muscle, whipcord and boundless enthusiasm.  He is growing into a very fine dog.

The Water Buffalo has not learned to swim yet, but she is thinking about it, especially when the Canada Geese taunt her just out of reach.  

There is nothing like a brief interlude on a sunny Spring Day.


  1. Alas our Trillium are not the red color! I did find Trout Lilies last week and they are an amazing plant and it takes years before they mature and flower!
    Looks as if the dogs had a great day.

  2. This was a wonderful interlude....and oh the Border Collie attention Connor gives that stick! He is a lovely young dog!

  3. Connor is an enthusiastic fetcher!!! If the air is 45 that water must be very cold. Looks like it was a wonderful outing! Happy Spring