Thursday, April 21, 2016

Soaking up Spring

We've been having some really beautiful, rare Spring weather.

Everyone wants to just wallow around in all the sunshine while simultaneously feeling the rush of Spring that is moving way too fast.  There is such a sort window of opportunity in the Spring to get everything done.  Just a brief few days when the green goes from nothing to overwhelming and you had better be ready or it will get way ahead of you for another whole year.

At least, that is how it is for us foolish humans.  Others of us know how to soak in the sun while the soaking is good.

For beekeepers, this brief window is a very critical time of year.  April is the starvation month for bees and often a time of heartbreak for beekeepers.  These few weeks when the weather warms, but before the dandelions come up and the pollen comes out, is when a hive is most likely to run out of their winter stores and starve to death.  Often just days before the nectar and pollen come out.  This is the time that you will see honey bees gathering grit off the sidewalks and dust off your birdseed in a desperate attempt to find food.

Dandelions are a beekeepers best friend.

I decided that I am going to try to have bees once more.  There is a young man who has taken up beekeeping just a few miles down the road and I have ordered two nucs from him.  If all goes well, they will be ready to come to the farm in June.  I am giving it one more try, but don't get too attached.
We are still waiting on the rest of the lambs to show up.  They are certainly taking their time, God knows why.  

Meanwhile, the wiser among us will continue soaking up Spring.


  1. Spring and Fall make me feel rushed but they are wonderful seasons of change. Rapid change.
    I want to do everything at once and usually fail.
    I should do as my mules and donkeys.
    Stop and just sit still.

  2. Good luck with the bees! I really hope that it works.

  3. Our beekeeper at the National Agricultural Center ( has been working his hives the last two weeks, getting ready for our opening on Saturday. I don't pull our dandelions, either... much to my neighbor's chagrin!