Monday, April 4, 2016

Welcome to Winter

I knew I shouldn't have taken the darned snow fence down.  I even argued with myself when I did it:

"Self", I says, "do not take the snow fence down.  If you do, it will snow."

"Don't be ridiculous" Self snaps.  "That's nothing but superstitious drivel.  Besides, who are you to be thinking your actions have any impact on the world?"

"I don't know, but I just bet it's gonna snow if we take down the fence.  The cosmic fly-swatter will see to it."

"Phooey, the sun is shinning, the birds are returning, it's Spring!  Shut up and get on with the job." 

Too bad I didn't listen better because we had a heck of a wind storm last night and I went and let all the snow in.  Even worse, my car has an appointment to have its snow tires changed first thing in the morning.  We should probably be expecting blizzards from now on.  

At least there is always one crazy soul who gets excited about snow (actually, he gets excited about almost everything)....

I bought Connor a new Frisbee a few days ago.  It was a light weight, black rubber Kong frisbee, perfect for sailing long distances and being snatched out of the air by snow-crazy pups.  I say "was" because I threw it for Connor this afternoon and the crazy wind caught it like a kite and sailed it straight up into the air.  It swirled up above the house like a demented buzzard rising on a frozen thermal, circled around and made a perfect nose-dive right into the pond.  So much for the new frisbee.

Connor was game to go diving for it, but I finally talked him out of it.

Poor dog, he'll just have to console himself with snow drifts.

The more sensible among us are rather appalled at the abrupt cancellation of Spring.

That's March April for you, in like a lion, out like a lamb (I hope).


  1. I know, right? Where did spring go? I love the first picture, with his ears straight up and his whole body saying "let's play!"

  2. I understand completely. We've had a really strange winter here. The first time I put my coat and boots up, we had a cold snap and snow again. They are still sitting where I left them ;-)

  3. EIEIOMG has a rather disreputable ball Connor might like :). He seems to enjoy your snow!

  4. Moisture for better grass and it should not last for you I hope. I laughed as Epics frisbee is still on my roof even tho we have seen hurricane force winds.

  5. It was definitely the removal of the studded tires that caused this storm. Without a doubt.