Friday, July 31, 2015

Story Time

"Hey donkey, you want to hear another story?"

"Oh, must I?  It's awfully hot for this ya know?"

"Well, what else you got to do?  It's hot right?"

"Alright.  Tell me a story, I'm listening."

"OK, see, there was this rabbit hiding out under the brush pile...I just love rabbits ya know, hmmm, yum, yum.  Anyway, there was this rabbit...."

"....hey wait, what's that?!"

"Did you see that???  Was that a mouse?"

*sigh*  "I should know better than to listen to a cat, we're gonna be here all day"

"Well, we will if I get my way:)"


  1. All these would make a good book!

  2. A barn cat that tells stories- what could be better?

  3. That Kipper! She is just the most beautiful cat! I hope you are still giving her the special bottled spring water. Are you starting to prepare an appropriate winter sleeping area for her? Maybe you could feed her some of the raw rabbit like I get for Hoot. She might really like that!

    1. Yes, a man in our town raises rabbits for people and pets. He grinds up the entire rabbit (skinned) and my cats LOVE it. My cat, Hoot, looked awful, even after she had dental surgery, but I swear, after THREE DAYS on rabbit, she started looking better. Now she looks GREAT! (of course she does not look as great as BESS does!!)

  4. Gotta' love those barn cats :)