Sunday, July 26, 2015


A sizable chunk of Riding Buddy's hay supply, all dry, raked, ready to bale.....

...and getting rained on.  Such a sad, sorry sight.

At least the puppies had a great time.



  1. Farming can be cruel. Our carefully nourished soil produced a bumper crop, pampered all spring to keep it vegetative for our one-chance-only haying. Summer came early but the baler did not. Weeks went by before they mobilized, by then it was crap. We brush-hogged it. Then we went to chop it with the mower so it would compost better, the mower caught fire, incinerated it and about a half acre before the ace fire department snuffed the fire. We are done farming.

    1. How utterly depressing. I am sorry.

  2. Oh that is sad. Will it stop soon enough so the hay can be saved?

  3. Conner may have met his match in TWO maremmas. Such a disaster, rain on newly mown hay. I do hope you get enough sunshine to dry it out.

  4. Oh no!! That's devastating, and sad. I'm so sorry, Kris.

  5. My favorite photo -- only a head in the pond.